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10 Signs You Are Burning Out and What to Do to Feel Better
5 pm PST
Christine Bar Noël
Life Balance Coach, World Champion Ballroom Dancer and entrepreneur.
Feb 25
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Feel tired, exhausted,
stuck, overwhelmed?
You can use different words to describe your condition, we will help you to understand the main signs that you are burning out.
Burnout is a disease of the XXI century.
It is often confused with harmless fatigue, but it is not the same thing. If relaxing baths and spa treatments help for a short time, if a Friday cocktail is already a habit, if you can not "catch your breath" in any way, this course is for you. Burnout can lead to depression, so it is important to notice your condition in time.
On Masterly webinar
you will learn:
How to understand the difference between normal fatigue, burnout and depression
How to hear your
body's signals and learn how to help yourself.

How to do simple relaxation practices
and work on stress tolerance.

How to find
a resource within yourself and manage your emotions

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What people say about their
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You may feel that everything around you is a duty, that you have no control over anything. It's time to snatch your own life from the clutches of burnout and stress.

Join the webinar from Masterly School on February 25 at 8 pm. It's absolutely free.
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